Simple Trove Proxy

PDF Links

Get a url that you can use to download the PDF copy of a newspaper article.

Usage: /pdf/[newspaper article id]

Random newspaper articles

Get a random-ish newspaper article from Trove.

Required parameters:

Optional parameters:


See this notebook for more information on the method used to select random articles.

Open newspaper search in API Console

Convert a newspaper search url from the web interface into an API query, then open it in the Trove API Console.

Required parameters:


View hidden metadata for a digitised book or journal

Extracts embedded metadata from the web page of a digitised book or journal and returns it as JSON.

Required parameters:


API calls

Make a call to the Trove API via https. This will also redirect API calls to version 2 of the API.

Note that the Trove API now support https itself, so it's not necessary to use this proxy.

Usage: /api/[normal Trove API query (everything after '' or '')]